Andy Thomas: Positioning Yourself For Success In The New Economy

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #73. Tyler Basu and Andy Thomas “Positioning Yourself For Success In The New Economy”

Andy Thomas | Positioning Yourself For Success In The New Economy | Chatting With Champions Andy Thomas is a career coach, author, and touring speaker. During 2009 and 2010 as the economy was suffering and unemployment lines were long, Andy Thomas launched 17 seminars in 7 cities to help the unemployed. Those seminars helped thousands of people regain confidence and solid interview skills using his proven techniques.

Andy is also the author of The Job I Need Needs Me, a book that provides incredible inspiration and hope as well as a very unique and needed blueprint on how to reinvent yourself at any age, and market yourself in this economy.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Andy’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why he became a career coach
  • How to prepare yourself for a career change
  • Challenges and opportunities created by our global economy
  • How to reinvent yourself and position yourself for success in the new economy
  • How to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you
  • How to transition from having a job to starting your own business
  • Steps to take to begin turning your passions into a career

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Key quotes:

More than half of American adults are in jobs they don’t like.

Sometimes entrepreneurship is what it takes for somebody to be happy. Not all of us are cut out to work for other people. Some of us want to run our own show.

Research the market. Is what you want to do available in the market that you’re in?

Think about what makes you happy. Where is it in life that you want to be? What is the vision you see for yourself?

The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.