Bosco Anthony: Digital Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Your Business

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #52. Tyler Basu and Bosco Anthony “Digital Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Your Business”

Bosco Anthony | Digital Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Your Business | Chatting With Champions Bosco Anthony is a seasoned digital marketing and business growth strategist. He started out in marketing and sales, eventually moving into management positions for various organizations, including the Internet Marketing Center where he managed over 250,000 online affiliates.

Bosco then went on to launch his own boutique-style, virtual marketing agency that specializes in content marketing, digital marketing, social media strategies, deployment and consulting. His clientele includes small businesses, enterprise and corporate brands.

Bosco is an avid blogger, international speaker, and digital storyteller sharing content on business growth, integrated marketing and social media. He is also the founder of the Internet Marketing Think Tank meet-up group that is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing business communities in the Vancouver area.

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Follow Bosco on Twitter: @boscoanthony

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Bosco’s background and overview of his career prior to starting his business
  • Challenges faced as an entrepreneur and how he’s overcome those challenges
  • Common fears of entrepreneurs and how to face them
  • Recent changes and future trends in internet marketing
  • Mistakes to avoid when marketing online
  • Branding strategy for individuals and businesses
  • Bosco’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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