Brian Jessel: The Man Behind The #1 BMW Dealership In Canada

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #20. Tyler Basu and Brian Jessel “The Man Behind The #1 BMW Dealership In Canada”

Brian Jessel | The Man Behind The #1 BMW Dealership In Canada | Chatting With ChampionsFor over 27 years, Brian Jessel has been the proud owner of the Brian Jessel BMW dealership in Vancouver, BC. His business has been the #1 BMW dealer in Western Canada since 1997, and the largest dealer in Canada since 2003.

Being the #1 BMW dealership in Canada is not a title that Brian and his team take lightly. They are constantly reassessing their systems and making upgrades when and where necessary. They are committed to team work, resourcefulness and ultimately being the best at what they do. However, having fun is definitely a big part of this dynamic and growing organization. Brian encourages innovative ideas from his staff and is continuously ensuring his business evolves with technology. He also believes in promoting staff from within the company; staff who excel are appreciated and recognized.

Brian Jessel BMW’s philosophy is to continuously surpass their customers’ highest expectations by providing first class service and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on paying attention to every detail to ensure that their customers continue to service with them; purchase future vehicles from them, and are proud to refer their friends and family. With a philosophy like this, it is no surprise that almost every BMW that is driven in the Greater Vancouver area was originally purchased from this dealership.

Brian Jessel BMW is also highly committed with community and charitable events in the Greater Vancouver area. They host numerous well-known charity galas to raise funds for non-profit organizations, as well as sponsoring various charitable community events.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Brian’s background prior to starting his business
  • Why he decided to start working in the car sales industry
  • Steps he took to open his first dealership
  • Overview of his first few years an the owner of a car dealership
  • Challenges faced and important lessons learned from building his business
  • How to attract good people and build a strong team
  • What separates successful entrepreneurs from those who continue to struggle
  • The importance of giving back to your community
  • Words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs