Cristina Munoz: Overcoming Adversity & Succeeding Online

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #19. Tyler Basu and Cristina Munoz “Overcoming Adversity & Succeeding Online”

Cristina Munoz | Overcoming Adversity & Succeeding Online | Chatting With ChampionsIn June of 2001 Cristina Munoz damaged ALL of her lower discs in a work-related incident, rendering her unable to work because she couldn’t sit, stand or walk 9-5 anymore. Ending up finding herself having to live on Sickness Benefits and fueled by the negative comments in her surgeon’s medical report, Cristina made a decision not to succumb to her injury and to instead take control of her destiny.

In August of 2001 she entered the home-based business industry, working on her stomach on her “mattress of power”. Using nothing but a laptop and a phone whilst in and out of acute pain she built a business that generated multiple 6 figures in residual income in her first 3-5 years online.

Cristina has since gone on to succeed with several direct sales opportunities. Despite severely damaging her Sciatic Nerve in January, 2011, she also went on to become the Number #1 Australian Top Income Earner with Empower Network. In July of 2013 she spoke on stage at Empower Network’s “Don’t Be A Wussy” Conference in Denver, Colorado where she inspired an audience of 6,000 people with her story.

Cristina is living proof anyone living with any sort of spinal cord injury, chronic pain and/or disability can still take control of their financial destiny and even find a way to overcome the pain plus be able to contribute to society in a positive way. Her dream is now to inspire people from ALL over the World to break the chains of generational poverty in ALL of it’s forms no matter what their personal challenges may be. She lives by the mantra: “Remaining a Victim will never get you to Victory.”

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Cristina’s background and experience in the direct sales industry
  • Important lessons learned from running a direct sales business
  • Adversity she has faced and how she has overcome that adversity
  • Overview of the first business she built online and how she grew it to earn multiple six-figures in revenue
  • Benefits of blogging, ways to monetize a blog
  • How to make money online with affiliate marketing
  • Fundamental principles for succeeding online
  • Mistakes to avoid when building an online business
  • Advice for those facing difficult circumstances or adversity to help them reach success

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