Dai Manuel: How To Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Industry

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #77. Tyler Basu and Dai Manuel “How To Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Industry”

Dai Manuel | How To Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Industry | Chatting With Champions Dai Manuel is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, professional blogger, brand strategist and health junkie. As Chief Operating Officer and partner of Fitness Town Inc, he and his team help their clients in 8 retail stores and 2 commercial divisions.

Dai is an active member of the Fitness Town Toastmasters organization, and when he’s not honing his public speaking skills, he lives out his passion for writing and sharing best health and fitness practices as the editor of the Fitness Town Health & Wellness Blog as well as on his personal blog The Moose is Loose. He has attracted thousands of followers across multiple social platforms, and has become a recognized and sought-after authority on health and fitness.

Visit Dai’s blog: www.daimanuel.com

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Dai’s background and why he got started in the health & fitness industry
  • An overview of his experiences in business
  • Why he started a personal blog
  • Steps to take when developing a personal branding strategy
  • Mistakes to avoid when building a personal brand
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • How to achieve balance
  • Dai’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Resources mentioned:

Key quotes:

  • You can go to school to learn about social media but by the time you graduate, everything that you’ve learned is probably out of date or completely changed. You really have to immerse yourself in it to learn it.
  • When you’re an expert and an authority in your industry, people come to you all the time for advice. They ask you questions.
  • I love this new world we’re in. There are plenty of opportunities for people to create their own businesses online. You just have to start. Not tomorrow, now.
  • You never have to memorize the truth. If your voice online is very much who you are offline, developing a brand around that is very simple.
  • Be humble enough to reach out to others that know a lot more than you. Be very specific with your questions, and always offer something back in return.
  • If you’re building a business just to make money, people will see through that.
  • Everybody has a story to tell, and everybody’s story will resonate with someone.
  • If there’s a lesson to be learned from your personal experiences, it is in you to share that. And if you want to share that, there are many platforms to get the message out.
  • Don’t try to manage your time. Manage your commitments.
  • Success if freedom of time and choice, and the ability to spend time with those that we can add value to and who can add value to us.
  • Never give up on that passion to chase what you want most in life.