Dan Jacobs: Tech Startups & Online Presence

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #18. Tyler Basu and Dan Jacobs “Tech Startups & Online Presence”

Dan Jacobs | Tech Startups & Online Presence | Chatting With Champions Dan Jacobs has 18 years of experience working in technology, operations, product management, general management, senior technical and commercial roles in early stage start-ups. His previous exploits saw him surfing the first dot-com wave and working for the likes of Virgin.com, Lastminute.com, Delphi Internet and BBC Online. With his great entrepreneurial spirit and passion for start-ups, he worked in  many successful start-up and early stage businesses and he developed and launched the hugely successful Prime Card for IDT Global (www.idtprime.com), being founder, COO and eventually Managing Director of the company.

Dan is currently the CEO of enthuse.me, a company that he founded from the corner of someone else’s office in the beginning of 2012. Their office is now based in the vibrant Shoreditch district of London, UK. Enthuse.me is a simple, elegant service that lets you showcase your expertise in the most effective way – by cutting out the noise and hand-picking the best examples of your work, knowledge or passion. Having a profile on enthuse.me gives your online presence real focus.

Visit his company’s website: enthuse.me

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Dan’s background and when his interest in technology began
  • Overview of his career and roles he has held
  • Important lessons learned from being involved in the startup phase of several businesses
  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a new company
  • Why he decided to become an entrepreneur
  • Overview of his new business enthuse.me
  • Tips for individuals looking to improve their online presence
  • Challenges faced when building his business and how he overcame those challenges
  • Tips for building a successful team
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs