Davis Wuolle: Turning Offline Tragedy Into Online Triumph

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #14. Tyler Basu and Davis Wuolle “Turning Offline Tragedy Into Online Triumph”

Davis Wuolle | Turning Offline Tragedy Into Online Triumph | Chatting With Champions Davis Wuolle is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SwimSwam, the web’s most popular swimming site. Davis is in charge of the site’s design and development. He also attends the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada where he specializes in Materials Engineering with a focus on Product Development.

Davis’ swimming career was fairly successful, but short-lived.  He started swimming year-round at 17 and finalled at his first national meet.  From there, he was recruited to swim in the National Training Center at UBC with Olympic medallists and world record holders and began to compete at an international level. During his brief swimming career, Davis swam for the UBC Thunderbirds under National Swim Centre breaststroke coach Jozsef Nagy.  He also trained alongside notable breaststrokers Annamay Pierse and Martha McCabe as well as freestyler Brent Hayden.

In 2011, Davis chose to leave the sport due to a heart condition that inhibited his ability to train at his peak.  He got back into his passion for web development, but after a few years of living, eating and breathing swimming, he just couldn’t get it off his mind.  In September of 2011, double Olympic gold medallist Mel Stewart contacted Davis and told him he wanted to start a website.  That’s how SwimSwam was born.

Visit Davis’ website: SwimSwam.com

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Davis’ background and experience with competitive swimming
  • Lessons and habits he learned from other professional athletes
  • Challenges athletes face and how to overcome those challenges
  • The health complication that prevented Davis from continuing to compete as a swimmer
  • Experience working with Mel Stewart, the double Olympic gold medallist, on a website
  • The creation of SwimSwam.com and the purpose of the website
  • How to deal with misfortune or adversity and find alternative ways to pursue your passion