Jasper Ribbers: Creative Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #68. Tyler Basu and Jasper Ribbers “Creative Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World”

Jasper Ribbers | Creative Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | Chatting With Champions Jasper Ribbers gave up his career as an arbitrage trader in 2010 to pursue a life-long dream of travelling the world full-time. To finance his travels, Jasper runs a collection of online businesses, and he also rents out his apartment in Amsterdam on Airbnb.

Jasper is the co-author of Get Paid For Your Pad, the definite resource on Airbnb hosting, and he co-hosts a podcast on the same topic. Jasper has been to over 50 countries, and he shares his adventures with the world through his blog, The Traveling Dutchman.

Visit Jasper’s website: www.thetravelingdutchman.com


Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Jasper’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why he quit his job to travel the world full-time
  • The process of starting and growing his online businesses
  • Challenges faced as an entrepreneur and he’s overcome them
  • How he funds his travels by renting out his apartment on Airbnb
  • How he built up his blog and published a book
  • Jasper’s definition of success
  • Steps to take to turn your passion into a profitable online business
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


Resources mentioned:

Key quotes:

  • When I was younger I thought that being successful meant making a lot of money, and owning a nice house, and driving a nice car, etc. But when I achieved it, I realized that I didn’t really get the fulfillment from it that I expected. So I thought about what I really wanted.
  • I don’t want to grow old with the regret of never having tried to live the life that I really wanted to live.
  • When you start your own thing, nobody’s going to tell you what to do. Nobody’s going to tell you how many hours to work, and nobody is going to hold you accountable for your results or for your progress. You have to learn to be productive.
  • To be successful you have to put in a lot of effort, and you also have to do the things that you don’t always enjoy doing. That’s just part of being an entrepreneur.
  • Success is being able to support yourself doing something that you’re passionate about and that doesn’t feel like work.
  • Once you figure out what you’re passionate about, try to find a niche within that passion. Get to know a problem that exists within a certain audience, and provide them with a solution.