Jeet Banerjee: The Serial Entrepreneur Who Knows No Limits

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #28. Tyler Basu and Jeet Banerjee: “The Serial Entrepreneur Who Knows No Limits”

Jeet Banerjee | The Serial Entrepreneur Who Knows No Limits | Chatting With ChampionsAt the age of 17, Jeet Banerjee set out on a journey unlike any other. Frustrated with his low-paying jobs, he decided to create his own path in life by pursuing entrepreneurship. Jeet was still in high school, had no formal experience in the business world and had absolutely no money when he started.

Despite all those barriers, Jeet grew his first business to 15+ employees before selling the company two years later. Now at the age of 21, he has co-founded and/or been involved with the startup of over a dozen businesses in the digital marketing and technology sector. His businesses have been featured in Yahoo, The New York Times, Examiner, What’s Up OC TV, and Young Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, spoken at multiple conferences in the United States, and recently delivered a speech at a TEDxYouth conference.

Jeet has also built a solid online presence, and his blog ( is known to receive tens of thousands of visitors each month. His latest book “Limitless Thinking: How One Young Entrepreneur Found Success With No Degree, Experience or Money” helps show people that it’s not your credentials, but your mindset that can lead you to success.

This is the second time Jeet Banerjee has been featured on the Chatting With Champions Podcast (he was interviewed back in 2012). But considering all of his recent successes, a second, more in-depth interview is well deserved. In this interview, Jeet shares powerful and practical advice from his experiences as a serial entrepreneur, and encourages others to overcome barriers and pursue their dreams.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Recent accomplishments and business ventures
  • Formal education as it relates to preparing entrepreneurs for success
  • Preparing to sell a business
  • Overcoming a lack of resources and experience when starting a business
  • Attitude towards failure and how to handle setbacks
  • Tips for successful networking
  • Sales & negotiation tactics
  • Time management, outsourcing and delegation strategies
  • Managing capital and investment diversification
  • Strategies and benefits of personal branding
  • How to overcome whatever is holding you back from pursuing your dreams