Jesse Krieger: Blueprint For Success As A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #46. Tyler Basu and Jesse Krieger “Blueprint For Success As A Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

Jesse Krieger | Blueprint For Success As A Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Chatting With Champions Jesse Krieger is a serial entrepreneur, author, and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy. He was born and raised in San Francisco but spends three to four months a year traveling the world. Whether it’s climbing volcanoes with friends in the Mediterranean or consulting with clients from Malaysia to Manhattan, Jesse views the world as both a playground and a potential addressable market.

During his twenties Jesse started over five companies and sold the last two. He has lived in, worked in, and traveled to more than thirty countries, and he now speaks 3 languages: English, German and Mandarin. When he is not consulting with clients on lifestyle and entrepreneurship, he can usually be found on a bicycle, pedaling up a steep mountain slope or yelling at the top of his lungs from the peak.

Jesse is also the author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions, And Run Your Business From Anywhere In The World.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Jesse’s background and early experiences in the music business
  • Overview of the various businesses Jesse started throughout his twenties
  • Overview of his current business
  • Definition of a lifestyle entrepreneur
  • Challenges he has faced and how he overcome those challenges
  • Common business models of lifestyle entrepreneurs
  • Mistakes to avoid when building a business
  • How Jesse has utilized outsourcing to grow his business
  • The importance of habits and consistency
  • Jesse’s definition of success
  • First steps an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur should take before building their business

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