Karen McGregor: How To Triple Your Income Through Speaking

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #47. Tyler Basu and Karen McGregor “How To Triple Your Income Through Speaking”

Karen McGregor | How To Triple Your Income Through Speaking | Chatting With Champions Karen McGregor is an entrepreneur, international speaker and bestselling author. She has shared the stage with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Sutherland, Michael Beckwith, James Twyman, Adam Dreamhealer McLeod and David Wolfe. Her passion is to help conscious entrepreneurs build their business and spread their much needed products and services far and wide, through one of the most powerful avenues available to them… speaking!

Karen’s expertise as a former business development trainer, corporate public speaking coach and top sales associate have made her signature Rock The Stage program is one of the most highly regarded trainings available for speaker-entrepreneurs.

Visit Karen’s website: www.rockthestage.org

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Karen’s background and early experiences in business
  • Why she decided to become a professional speaker
  • Process of starting and growing her speaking business
  • Overview of her business today
  • Challenges speaker-entrepreneurs face and how to overcome those challenges
  • Pros and cons of speaking for a fee
  • Important lessons she has learned from her experiences
  • Tips for improving your public speaking skills
  • Benefits of speaking to business owners and entrepreneurs
  • How to overcome your fear of speaking
  • Advice for aspiring speaker-entrepreneurs

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