Lucas Mattiello: How To Overcome Anxiety And Speak In Public With Confidence

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #85. Tyler Basu and Lucas Mattiello “How To Overcome Anxiety And Speak In Public With Confidence”

Lucas Mattiello | How To Overcome Anxiety And Speak In Public With Confidence | Chatting With Champions You wouldn’t expect someone diagnosed with Panic Disorder would become Public Speaking trainer, but that’s exactly what Lucas Mattiello did. He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years and experiences as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with his clients. He educates audiences on the techniques, strategies, and best practices he used to propel his life and communicate with confidence.

Assisting business professionals to become empowered, confident speakers is Lucas’ passion. He is an internationally renowned trainer that has been featured in Forbes and numerous other publications.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Lucas’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • An overview of his journey as an entrepreneur
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs that are preventing you from sharing your message with others
  • Steps to take to develop the confidence to speak in front of an audience
  • Common mistakes people make when speaking in public
  • Tips for effective communication in 1-on-1 situations
  • How to get speaking engagements in your industry/niche
  • Lucas’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Resources mentioned:

Key quotes:

  • If it gives you energy and makes you feel good, lean into it.
  • I had to convince myself that I was an expert, that I deserved to be listened to, that I had information that was of value to people. That is the biggest hurdle most business professionals face – it’s that self-doubt. It’s an internal battle.
  • The quickest way to self-sabotage any communication that you do is to fixate your energy on someone who’s giving you perceived signs of rejection.
  • Your message is not meant to win over 100% of the audience. 20% of the audience will love you regardless of what you say, 20% are going to hate you regardless of what you say, and the other 60% could go either way.
  • People don’t remember what you say. They remember how you made them feel.
  • Every presentation you have is an opportunity to refine your message and continue to improve.
  • Success is when you can look at yourself in the mirror, and be happy with the person you are looking at.
  • Entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. It’s dealing with headaches, ups and downs, swings and uncertainty on a daily basis.
  • My definition of failure is having a dream and allowing fear to prevent you from taking the first step. Give yourself permission to go for it.