Matt Murrie: Inspiring Change As A Social Entrepreneur

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #64. Tyler Basu and Matt Murrie “Inspiring Change As A Social Entrepreneur”

Matt Murrie: Inspiring Change As A Social Entrepreneur Matt Murrie works to live in a world where people prefer finding solutions to complaining about problems, where people seek answers through questions, and curiosity is treated like the natural resource it is.

He’s taught for over a decade across five countries and three continents. He’s a returned Peace Corps volunteer who has written seven books that have gone on to sell over 250,000 copies. He blogs regularly about “what if…?” issues on the Huffington Post, Medium, and LInkedIN. His TEDx talk, “What If Your Socks Didn’t Match” has over 85,000 views on YouTube.

Matt spent the past five years teaching English Literature, Writing, and Entrepreneurship at Westminster College. Today, he’s a social entrepreneur and “edupreneur” working full-time as the Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator for What If…?

His next book, The Big Book of What If…? hits the shelves in Spring 2016.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Matt’s background prior to becoming a social entrepreneur
  • Inspiration for the What If…? Conference
  • Overview of the conference’s growth thus far
  • Challenges social entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • Matt’s definition of social entrepreneurship
  • Matt’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs


Resources mentioned:

Key quotes:

  • When you’re doing something that’s truly innovative, when you’re really pushing the boundaries and creating something that people cannot see until they experience it, something that there aren’t existing models for, you’ve got to realize that when 9 out of 10 people tell you you’re crazy, that’s a positive thing.
  • No successful business is going to be a single person’s endeavor. It takes a community, and it takes the right kind of community.
  • I don’t view my business as a product or service that I control and deliver to an audience. I view it as a community that I invite others to be a part of.
  • If you wake up each day and you take action each day knowing that what you’re doing matters not just to you but impacts other people and will last beyond yourself, I don’t know if there’s anything greater than that.
  • If you’re a social entrepreneur you want to change the world. You’re not going to do that by thinking small. You need think as big as possible, and start from there.