Michell Smith: Bringing Out The Best In Yourself And Your Team

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #26. Tyler Basu and Michell Smith “Bringing Out The Best In Yourself And Your Team”

Michell Smith | Bringing Out The Best In Yourself And Your Team | Chatting With Champions Michell Smith is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and leadership consultant. In her early twenties she opened her first business and proceeded to build and run the largest “for-hire” Direct Sales Force in Canada for over a decade. At its height, her direct sales network comprised of over 60 managers and assistant managers, 600 sales reps and over 10 million dollars in annual revenues. After personally conducting well over 50,000 job placement interviews, coaching thousands of teams, and aiding in opening over 100 companies, she co-authored her first book – The Six Questions, which hit #1 on Amazon the month of its release.

A captivating motivational speaker, Michell specializes in coaching individuals and teams to reach their highest potential by helping them define their purpose and passion. Today she continues to consult and coach hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps all across North America through live seminars and private coaching sessions.

Visit Michell’s website: www.michellsmith.com

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Michell’s background prior to working in the direct sales industry
  • Experiences that prepared Michell for starting her first business
  • Lessons learned from selling products and services door-to-door
  • Why Michell decided to become an entrepreneur
  • Challenges of starting a business and how to overcome those challenges
  • How Michell grew her organization to over 40 offices and 600 sales reps in 5 years, and the challenges that resulted from that growth
  • Essential qualities salespeople and entrepreneurs must possess to succeed
  • Lessons learned from her experiences as an entrepreneur
  • Habits and characteristics that are killers of success
  • Michell’s book “The Six Questions That You Better Get Right, The Answers Are The Keys To Your Success”
  • Rewarding experiences from her career as an entrepreneur
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them succeed