Minesh Bhindi: Developing The Mindset Of A Successful Investor

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #67. Tyler Basu and Minesh Bhindi “Developing The Mindset Of A Successful Investor”

Minesh Bhindi | Developing The Mindset Of A Successful Investor | Chatting With ChampionsMinesh Bhindi runs Gold And Silver For Life, an investment community of strategic lifestyle investors with a 92% success rate, the highest in the industry when it comes to helping people produce safe, simple, consistent returns on their investments.

Minesh has helped people all around the world make money, profit and protect their money just like the wealthy so they can start living a life they love. He’s also been invited to speak on stage in London with other notable entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Steve Wozniak.

Visit Minesh’s website: www.GoldForLife.com


Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Minesh’s background and how he got started as an entrepreneur
  • Overview of his investment experiences
  • How he got started teaching others how to invest successfully
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • What he’s learned about wealth and investing from studying billionaires
  • Fundamental principles of successful investing
  • Minesh’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


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Key quotes:

  • The faster somebody implements something, the more committed they’ll be to it
  • The really skilful thing to do is invest in the cycle that’s currently in front of you, maximize that cycle, extract as much capital as you can out of that as soon as the cycle ends, and then allocate that capital to the next cycle. That’s how you have a constant growth of wealth.
  • Whatever market you’re getting into, make sure that that asset is booming, and then buy that asset below market value or as close to below market value as possible.
  • The smartest investors aren’t actually paying retail for anything – no matter what asset it is, and no matter what product it is.
  • The number one cause of portfolios going down is a highly leveraged portfolio that can’t generate any cash flow.
  • I don’t study millionaires when it comes to investing, I study billionaires. When you can learn the strategies and tools that it takes to create that amount of wealth, then creating millions becomes a lot easier.
  • Thinking that success is limited to a certain character type or certain character trait is aa very limited way of thinking. Anyone can create success. Everyone is an individual and everyone deserves success.
  • As long as you’re internally referenced, which means that you do what makes you happy, you follow your intuition and you follow what serves you in the world, your chances of success are absolutely huge.
  • If everyone could get over the fear of being able to do what they want, and the fear of other people disapproving of them, and the fear of not being appreciated, and the fear of not being validated in the world if they follow their dreams, I think we’d see the world change in one generation.