Ninon De Vere De Rosa: Valuable Lessons From A Life Of Achievements

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #38. Tyler Basu and Ninon de Vere De Rosa “Valuable Lessons From A Life Of Achievements”

Ninon De Vere De Rosa | Valuable Lessons From A Life Of Achievements | Chatting With Champions Ninon De Vere De Rosa is prominently known throughout the world and at present in the Las Vegas area as a spokesperson, consultant, producer, talk show host, journalist, investor in real estate and philanthropist in connection with her many charitable activities.

As the CEO and creator of NinonSpeaks Media Image, Ninon specializes in professional coaching, personal branding, internet TV and radio shows, and motivational speaking. She is the Author of Joyful Volunteering and has also been featured in Woman of True Grit.

She is the Founder and President of KidsTalk Productions, a full-service television production company for sixteen years, promoting “Voices of Tomorrow” by giving the younger generation a voice in society and our future leaders of the world an opportunity to be heard. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of KidsTalk Foundation, a global philanthropic organization.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Ninon’s background and career as a model
  • Process of building a production company and Foundation
  • Qualities we need to possess to succeed in the world today
  • Mistakes made and challenges faced, and lessons learned from those experiences
  • Personal branding and networking
  • How to choose the right mentor
  • Ninon’s definition of success
  • Qualities of successful people
  • Advice for aspiring leaders and achievers