Pejman Ghadimi: Success & Lifestyle Through Entrepreneurship

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #24. Tyler Basu and Pejman Ghadimi “Success & Lifestyle Through Entrepreneurship”

Pejman Ghadimi | Success & Lifestyle Through Entrepreneurship | Chatting With Champions Pejman Ghadimi is the Founder and Author of Third Circle Theory – a powerful theory which explains how some of today’s top visionaries are made. Over the last 10 years, Pejman has held multiple leadership roles at the Vice President level for Fortune 500 companies and has established several successful off-line businesses including Secret Consulting and VIP Motoring.

Since the young age of 25, Pejman has been financially independent and has dedicated the majority of his time to bringing the Secret Entourage brand to life, a unique organization which focuses on helping motivate and improve the lives of young entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Topics discussed in the interview:

  • Pejman’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Overview of his first few years as an entrepreneur
  • How he built his consulting business
  • Common challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome those challenges
  • How he achieved financial independence by age 25
  • Why he created Secret Entourage
  • Key concepts from his book Third Circle Theory
  • Why being an entrepreneur is so rewarding
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs