Ricky Shetty: Traveling, Blogging, And Connecting Your Community

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #35. Tyler Basu and Ricky Shetty “Traveling, Blogging, and Connecting Your Community”

Ricky Shetty | Traveling, Blogging, And Connecting Your Community | Chatting With Champions Ricky Shetty is a veteran traveler, blogger, and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada. He graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC), and it was during his time at university that he developed a passion for adventure and travel by backpacking around Europe. Ricky subsequently taught English in Tokyo, Japan, traveled around Asia, completed a Ministry in Leadership in Australia, and he even did a bungy jump and a skydive in New Zealand.

In 2008, Ricky returned to his hometown of Vancouver to teach English to ESL (English as a Second Language) students. He married the love of his life in 2011 and by 2012 they gave birth to their first child. It was around that time that Ricky launched his Daddy Blogger website, the purpose of which is to “change the world… one dad at a time”. He soon after became the Amazon bestselling author of Wisdom from Daddies, a book about fatherhood which was released globally on Father’s Day in 2013. The book contains the collective wisdom of over 100 dads from around the world on issues that every dad faces during their journey through fatherhood.

Ricky is currently the Executive Director of YVR Media Group, where he overseas a number of successful businesses and event series including YVR Dads, YVR Bloggers, YVR Foodies, and YVR Events. He is well known among Vancouver’s entrepreneurship and blogging community, and has a knack for bringing positive people together to share ideas and support each other’s success.

Visit Ricky’s website: www.daddyblogger.com

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Ricky’s background and travel experiences
  • How to travel for long periods of time on a tight budget
  • Most memorable experiences from his travels
  • Personal transformation and character development as a result of traveling
  • The reason for starting his website Daddy Blogger
  • 3 valuable tips to help fathers succeed as parents
  • Process of starting a blog about your passions
  • Why you should treat your blog like a brand/business
  • Benefits of having a blog – to its owner and its readers
  • Mistakes to avoid when blogging
  • Process of publishing his book Wisdom from Daddies
  • Challenges of organizing events and how to overcome those challenges
  • How to connect with like minded-individuals in your community
  • Tips for successful networking and relationship building
  • Resources and mentors that have helped Ricky throughout his life
  • Words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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