Roger Killen: How To Launch A Startup That Works

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #21. Tyler Basu and Roger Killen “How To Launch A Startup That Works”

Roger Killen | How To Launch A Startup That Works | Chatting With Champions Roger Killen has over 36 years of frontline experience involving 9 startups and 2,000 hours of teaching entrepreneurs how to build startups that work. He shows entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a system – the Strategic Startup System – of proven strategies and tactics that help them build startups with high success probabilities.

Roger’s vision is that entrepreneurs who apply the Strategic Startup System will fuel an upward spiral of startup quality, startup success and stakeholder rewards. This spiral will produce robust solutions for customers’ problems, massive job and wealth creation for society and fulfillment, fun and fortune for entrepreneurs.

Since 1998, Roger has been helping entrepreneurs design, finance and build successful startups. He has delivered numerous ‘how-to’ seminars and is in the process of expanding the scope and scale of his business by writing, speaking, teaching and coaching both live and online.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Roger’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Important skills he learned from working in sales for Xerox
  • Overview of his first business
  • Why he became involved in the startup community
  • Important lessons learned from being a part of several different startup businesses
  • 3 key reasons why most startups fail
  • How to validate a business idea before investing time, energy, and resources into pursuing it
  • Impact of technology on entrepreneurs who are starting a business
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs