Sam Bhatnagar: Achieving Financial Independence

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #1. Tyler Basu and Sam Bhatnagar “Achieving Financial Independence”

Sam Bhatnagar | Achieving Financial Independence | Chatting With Champions Sam Bhatnagar is an independent business owner within one of North America’s largest financial services organizations – World Financial Group. He began his entrepreneurial career shortly after graduating from college, and by the age of 23 he had reached the management position of Senior Marketing Director within the organization.

Sam’s parents left their thriving business in Kenya in order to provide Sam and his siblings with better opportunities in Canada. Their sacrifice has certainly paid off. Thanks to his dedication, passion, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, Sam is now the proud owner of an independent brokerage in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has helped numerous families take control of their finances by educating them in areas such as managing monthly cash flow, debt consolidation and elimination, insurance coverage, asset accumulation, and retirement planning.

Sam is also a mentor to many other financial advisors, and is dedicated to helping others become financially independent business owners. He achieved a 6-figure annual income by the age of 24, was featured in Surrey Now, appeared on Shaw Multicultural TV, and has spoken at conferences in front of several thousand people.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Sam’s background and reason for becoming self-employed
  • Challenges he has faced as a young entrepreneur and how he overcome those challenges
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned from those experiences
  • Thoughts on why most families are struggling financially
  • The difference between financial security and job security
  • Money habits we should adopt as early as possible
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who have little business experience