Sean D’Souza: Understanding The Psychology Behind Why People Buy

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #91. Tyler Basu and Sean D’Souza “Understanding The Psychology Behind Why People Buy”

Sean D'Souza | Understanding The Psychology Behind Why People Buy | Chatting With ChampionsOver 15 years ago, Sean D’Souza started working for an advertising agency where he developed a fascination for psychology and understanding customers. Today, Sean is the founder of, a website that shares valuable information and resources to help you understand why customers buy, and why they don’t buy. Sean is also the author of the book The Brain Audit, which to date has generated over a half a million dollars.

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Listen to his podcast: The Three Month Vacation

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Sean’s background and how he got started in business
  • Why he created
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • Why it is important for marketers and entrepreneurs to understand psychology
  • Factors that drive a customer to make a purchase decision
  • Ways to mitigate a customer’s perception of risk when buying from you
  • How to increase your customer retention rate
  • How to develop a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires
  • Specific habits and activities that are key to Sean’s success
  • Sean’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Resources mentioned:

Key quotes:

  • One of the things I do really well is keep customers. A lot of people go out and keep getting new customers all the time because people keep leaving.
  • Understanding why a customer does something is enormously critical to your business.
  • There is a difference between testimonials and feedback. The thing is, most of us don’t want to hear feedback.
  • When a customer is able to give feedback, and you’re able to tweak according to the feedback, what you’re creating is now the perfect product.