Spencer Costanzo: How To Make 6 Figures With Mobile Apps

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #8. Tyler Basu and Spencer Costanzo “How To Make 6 Figures With Mobile Apps”

Spencer Costanzo | How To Make 6 Figures With Mobile Apps | Chatting With Champions Spencer Costanzo is the President and Founder of Malibu Apps, an iPhone application development company. His applications have been used millions of times by hundreds of thousands of users and his business generates several hundred thousand dollars per year. He is currently in the top 1% of mobile application developers in the world. Oh, and he is only 18 years old and has never attended college.

Spencer is also an investor and advisor to several startup mobile application and technology companies, including Phoenix Apps and Echo Bay Apps. Using the passive income from his business, Spencer is able to travel the world and pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors (including publishing e-books) as well as help other entrepreneurs.

Visit Spencer’s websites: www.spencercostanzo.comwww.malibuapps.com

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Why Spencer got started in the iphone application development industry
  • Process of building his business and important lessons learned
  • What sets the top app developers apart from the ones who struggle
  • What an aspiring app developer should know about the industry before they get started
  • Process of publishing ebooks on Amazon
  • Why it is important to create passive income
  • Thoughts on formal education as it relates to succeeding in business
  • Advice for individuals who have limited job opportunities
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs