Steve Scott: Strategies For Living The Internet Lifestyle

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #39. Tyler Basu and Steve Scott “Strategies For Living The Internet Lifestyle”

Steve Scott | Strategies For Living The Internet Lifestyle | Chatting With Champions Steve Scott is an internet entrepreneur who specializes in teaching people how to build a business and generate income online. He’s published over a dozen books on Amazon – many of which have become bestsellers in their respective categories.  His specialties include blogging, digital publishing, affiliate marketing, outsourcing, and productivity.

Steve believes that quality information shouldn’t be expensive, and he takes pride in sharing information that helps his readers solve specific internet business problems. He is known for explaining complex topics in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner, and always delivers step-by-step strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Steve has been earning a full-time income online for several years using only his laptop, granting him the freedom to work from anywhere, travel the world, hike, ski, surf, read books and spend time with his loved ones.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Steve’s background and reason for becoming an internet entrepreneur
  • Process of building his online business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Amazon Kindle ebook publishing
  • Ways to make money online selling information or advice
  • How to use a blog to grow your business
  • The important of building an email list for your business
  • Common mistakes internet entrepreneurs make
  • Definition of lifestyle entrepreneurship
  • Strategies for being productive
  • Outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants
  • Advice for aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs

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