Todd Rothman: Lessons Learned From Building A Massive Online Tutoring Business

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #76. Tyler Basu and Todd Rothman “Lessons Learned From Building A Massive Online Tutoring Business”

Todd Rothman | Lessons Learned From Building A Massive Online Tutoring Business | Chatting With ChampionsWhile attending undergrad studies, Todd Rothman had the misfortune of learning his dad had cancer forcing him to leave school briefly to support the family. After a short but successful stint on Wall Street, went back to school after his father’s passing to pick up where he left off to become a physician.

Todd slowly began to help others in fields like biology and organic chemistry, and eventually caught the attention of another tutor who would later become his then business partner. Todd went on to create Streaming Tutors, an online learning platform that has tutored over 30,000 students worldwide and generates multiple six figures in annual revenue.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Todd’s background prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • An overview of his first tutoring business
  • The process of starting and growing Streaming Tutors
  • How he marketed his platform to attract over 30,000 students
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • Why it is important to have mentors
  • Todd’s definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Key quotes:

  • My goal was never to become an expert. My goal was to become knowledgeable enough that I could work with people that are experts, and talk their language, and manage them.
  • Resourcefulness trumps knowledge. Knowledge comes with time. You have to be able to figure out what you need and how to find it.
  • If you have a good product, and you’re taking care of your customers, they’re going to tell their friends.
  • You’re going to have stresses and struggles every day. Life is not going to slow down for you. You just have to figure out how to work at that pace.
  • I think mentors are critical to all parts of your life. But to get the good ones, you have to prove yourself first.
  • Every human is a goal centric organism. We’re always trying to achieve goals, big and small. Underneath those goals are our deep rooted objectives – things that we need to achieve in life. And when you hit those, that is success.
  • Whatever deep rooted goals you have, when you achieve them, you become successful.
  • When I learn lessons now, it costs me so much more money than when I was working for someone else and learning those lessons.
  • Begin by working for someone else. Let them pay you to learn the lessons you’re going to need to know anyway when you’re out on your own.